Current Full Desktop SD Images

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I did a search on full desktop images and didn’t come up with anything newer than 2012. And, sifting through Google, I have not found what I am looking for. So here goes…

I would like to download an image for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or pretty much any flavor. But I want it to be a full-desktop image. All I can find is information on how to download a non-desktop version and then, assuming the board has Internet, install a desktop over that. I would like to do this all in one step if possible (otherwise I have to buy more hardware).

Does anyone know of any prebuilt SD card images that have a full desktop version of Linux?

For anyone curious, I’m using this to build a sort of kiosk and need a desktop environment. However, the kiosk(s) will not be connected to the Internet. Now, if I have no other choice, I’ll buy the hardware to get the boards online and go through all of the setps. That may not seem like much for a single board, but it’s much more efficient to burn several SD cards than to burn the cards, get each board online, update the OS on each board, etc.

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So, which board do you have? That will be useful in helping you out.


"full desktop" I'm curious, do you even see the potential problem of that?

So what do 'you' actually want, kde, gnome2, gnome3, mate, cinnamon,
lxde, xfce, openbox, etc??

Now 'who' is going to build, upload and maintain "all" those images? Not me..

So grab either a Debian/Ubuntu demo image:

and install your custom desktop yourself...


I have images available that have an xfce4 desktop pre-installed:

...of course, this image also has a xenomai patched real-time kernel,
comes with LinuxCNC, and is designed to move motors as part of a CNC
mill or 3D printer.

RCN's scripts for building images are very easy to use, and you can
customize them if you want more packages installed by default. Just add
a few chroot hooks to run something like "tasksel install desktop"
before the root filesystem is compressed and turned into the xz file for

RCN's original build scripts can be found on github:

Take a look at the file and the config.machinekit file for
examples of how to customize an image. Start by copying either or config.machinekit (whichever is closer to what you want) to
a file named "config", then just follow along in the image creation and
add whatever packages and hooks you want. The chroot_hook script is run
when you have a live root filesystem to play with, and you can run
tasksel, apt-get, or anything you'd like to customize the image before
it gets turned into a tar file to install onto an SD card. Or you can
just add additional packages you would like to install to the extra_pkgs
environment variable in

Thank you! As soon as I have a wee bit of free time, I’ll spend some time experimenting with all of that.

Good point. Beaglebone Black.

No, I certainly don’t expect you to personally support all those images. Whether it is Gnome, KDE, etc. isn’t really important. I need to be able to run a web browser. But thank you for taking the time to provide an answer that is exactly what I already had available and did not want with the addition of cynicism and derision. It really adds to the value of the forum.


Thank you for the incredibly detailed, useful and helpful response. You have given me many options to research and pursue.

Your time is appreciated.


Okay, so for the BBB with just enough to run a web browser.. With my
image, there is two scripts that setup a very minimal lxde for