Current hw revision Beagle Board XM

Hi I just received my beagle board XM

Which revision is currently being shipped?

The PCB states its a rev B while there is a sticky note on the box
saying it is a rev A3.

The Rev B is the PCB only. We made a few minor changes on some footprints to help the manufacturing guys. The latest revision is A3 as no significant changes were made. I will be releasing an updated SRM in a few days…


I just received my BB-xM two days ago and it says Rev-A for the board
and Rev-A2 on the box.
Am I going to see any problems?

I am surprised because my supplier told me he was waiting on new
boards before he could ship me one. I waited for two weeks.


You are not going to see nay problems. The A2 and A3 are 100% compatible with each other. As I already said the changes were small and did not affect the feature set or functionality of the board. Hence the fact that the boards retained the Rev A base designation.

If you waited two weeks, then that is not typical as usually it is much longer than two weeks. We are ramping up now and it appears that we have all our component issues worked out. If our suppliers meet their commitments, the market will soon be awash with -xM boards.


Are there any changes to the port locations/dimensions, please? And
are you able to indicate whether any are likely in the near future?

Hope you enjoyed your holiday/vacation... any thoughts on the battery
yet? Thanks.

No there are not. Here is the list of changes.

  • Slightly modified PCB layout (Rev B) to correct the following
  • Changed silkscreen on L12 to R159 to reflect the usage of a resistor instead of an inductor. Resistor was used on Rev A2. No electrical difference.
  • Changed routing on R66 and R68 to make them separate paths instead of parallel. No electrical difference.
  • Added 33 ohm resistor R157 in series with MMC clock line. Not used on board, only for expansion. No electrical difference.
  • Added R158 to allow isolation of drain pin on TPS2141. Loaded with zero ohm resistor. No electrical difference.
  • Moved DVI_PUP pin to the TPS65950. No SW impact, however, updated SW can be used to turn of the DVI interface. Electrical change from A2.
  • Added R160 and R155 as a possible future option. Not populated on Rev A3. No electrical difference.
  • Changed R120 to 0603 package to align with arts purchased. No electrical difference.
  • Added R156 to remove the required lifting of U18 pin 4. Resistor is not loaded on Revision A3. No electrical difference.

There are no plans to move connectors or mounting hole locations.

Will there never be any changes? I cannot promise that.

Do I plan any changeses? No I do not and I will resist any such changes unless there is no other option to solve an issue.

If there are changes, will the documentation be available to allow someone to build the previous version? Yes there will be.


Are you planning any changes to make it easier to fit a RTC battery,
such as a link to isolate the resistor that must otherwise be
desoldered if the battery is fitted please?

I have no plans to change that as well anytime soon.You need to understand that we have thousands of boards already on order. We cannot afford to scrap those boards for any changes at the moment. It will cost way too much money. There could be a change sometime early next year if some additional change was required.


Hi Gerald,

   I have the A3, and many others are reporting problems booting
Ubuntu maverick, I found that the DVI is not being enabled. although
the LEDs blinking is supposed to be indicative with the User screen
waiting for input. I know the angstrom minimal that shipped with my
board works, which specific pin was the DVI PU moved too so we can re
compile the ubuntu release and correct this?

It is GPIO2 on the TPS65950 PMIC.


Hi Gerald,

I got beagle board new version A3 delivered today. Earlier I was
working with Rev C3 and it was working fine when I used minicom. But
this one is not getting connected to computer I suppose. Please, help
me out asap.


Make sure you are using the right serial cable (straight thru), that you have the SD card installed (There is no NAND) , and that you power it from a 5V supply. Use the SD card that came with the board.

Follow the instructions here to check out your board.



    I have got the right cable, Can't I use the SD card which I was
using for version C3.
Please reply asap.

No. The SW is different for the -xM versus the C3. They use different processors.



I want to install Angstrom on beagle board and I will get the os
image from narcissus, on the link you have given there is a demo image
but I want to use os image according to my project i.e. interfacing a
touch screen with lcd to the board.

Please reply asap.


I suggest you start another thread to get help on this so people know that you are changing the subject of the email thread. The link I gave you has a ling that points to a 984MB file. That is the image file.

o initialize your card under Windows, you can do the following:

  1. Download and install Ubuntu’s Win32DiskImager (also known as the win32-image-writer).
  2. Download and install 7-zip compression software.
  3. Download the BeagleBoard verification SD card image file. (Alternatively, you can download the demo image file.)
  4. Decompress the verification image file using 7-zip.
  5. Insert the SD card writer/reader into the Windows machine.
  6. Insert >=128MB SD card into the reader/writer. (If you are using the demo image file you will need an SD card of 4GB or greater)
  7. Start the Win32DiskImager.
  8. Select the decompressed verification image file and correct SD card location.
  9. Click on ‘Write’.
  10. After the image writing is done, eject the SD card.

Here is the direct link.

I also suggest that you register so that your emails are not filtered. If not you will experience delays on getting a response.