Custom audio cape

Hi, I’m making a custom audio cape for BBB. The goal is to record sound using microphones.
I used tlv320aic3106 codec, modified BB-BONE-AUDI…dts.
Replaced all 3104 with 3106, swapped axr0 with axr2 (because of a mistake in my board). Enabled micbias.
Compiled, enabled it in uEnv.txt.
But there is no audio in the recordings. I can see data movement on mcasp bus on an oscilloscope. And looks like arecord is working fine. If I remove custom cape arecord is stuck (as expected).

Attaching modified dto. BB-BONE-AUDI-02-00A0.txt

EDIT: I found out that micbias is not present, not in idle or while recording.