custom kernel building in BB

Is there any link for custom kernel building in beagle bone black industrial?

What kernel/feature do you want to build?

Otherwise, you can use: / Linux · GitLab

or: Robert Nelson / ti-linux-kernel-dev · GitLab


i need to configure MMC_DAT6, MMC_DAT7, MMC!_DAT2 & MMC_DAT3 as gpio pin .

That doesn’t require a full kernel rebuild… You can do that with updating the device-tree’s…

By default, all images ship with the source of those under /opt/source/dtb-version/


can you give more details about that?

What kernel? uname -r what pins exactly P8.xy, P8.yz?


uname -a-5.10
P8-3,4,5,6 pins are needed for configuring as gpio