Custom kernel/modules building best practices on Angstrom

I recently started experimenting with my BeagleBone, and I am trying to build a custom kernel, or rather to add several Linux modules I need and which are not built by the standard Angstrom recipes for the BeagleBone. Can anyone point me to best practices to doing this, rather than just edit the .bb recipes by hand, clean and rebuild the kernel & modules? Ideally, a guide for building your custom kernel, and custom modules packaged as .ipk’s would be awesome, I have been looking for clear instructions for a while now, there are lots of fragments of information in many places, it is a bit intimidating at first :slight_smile:


BTW: the project is a streaming FM radio server using the Silabs SI47XX series. Amazingly enough, I was not able to find any off the shelf solution for FM receivers connected to ethernet and able to send audio over the network…

Search for "kernel workflow" on the angstrom website

Thanks, helped a lot! would definitely be worth putting on the Angstrom wiki directly,