Custom Touch Screen Cape?

I recently bought a touch screen to use for the BeagleBone Black, but it doesn’t have a connector. My goal is to connect it via the HDMI capability of the board, and I will probably have to use the USB port to connect the touch screen function (this is the only way I found to connect a touch screen, but if there are better ways please share them)

The model number is
LD070WS2 SL02

by LG, often used for the touch screen in NOOK Colors, as seen in the piece on the right of this picture:

I managed to find the datasheet for the part:

It says:

This LCD employs one interface connections, a 30 pin connector is used for the module electronics interface.
(Connector Type : 30Pin 0.5mm pitch, Matching Connector : JAE AA01B-S030VA1)

I looked for that connector, but it seems that they are primarily sold in bulk or I have to request a quote.

Am I looking in the right places? Is this the right part to use? Are there parts that would work better for what I want to use it for? What may be some options to look at?

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Happy modding

30pin 0.5mm?? You must be kidding :slight_smile:
Mouser and Digikey have their inventories full of such connectors. You don’t have to use exactly Jae. Use Molex or any other that fits your display. Believe me - they all are compatible. The only thing you should pay attention to is top/bottom contacts. It really matters

Thank you for the reply. I contacted Digikey, and it appears as though they do not have comparable parts at the moment (based on what the tech rep told me).

I am new to the electronics world, and there is much I do not understand. Could you please explain how this works? How would I be able to use different connector types for this? What do I need to know when looking at different connectors? What are the factors to consider?

First of all, you can't use HDMI to connect that screen without some kind of controller board. Most likely, it uses either a parallel type connection, or LVDS. You also can't use USB for the touch part without some sort of converter board. It is set up to use an ADC connection. Good luck with that screen, but for the connections you want, you should have chosen something else.