D13 led flashes once and my BB doesn't boot

Hi guys,
I have the following issue; the d13 led (RED one) flashes once and the
BB doesn't boot when the board is plugged with a 5V DC power supply.
The fact is that until yesterday all worked fine.
Now I tried to boot my board from the OTG USB and from here it boot
and works well. Someone could tell me what's going on ??

Thanks in advance

Hard to say. Falshing of D13 i snormal. What happens to the power LED?


Hi, thanks for the fast reply! The power led (D5) is ON and also the
D14 (the led between the USBs hub). The D13 flashes once while the
other leds are off

Sounds like either you have zapped your SD card and you need to recreate it or you have damaged the SD connector.

Try recreating the SD card and see if that works. http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=BeagleBoard-xM


I'll try your first suggestion, but I have 2 SD cards. The original
one, which mounts the Angstrom flashed on factory, and the other 4GB
with Linux 11.10 server. Both don't start booting. Do you think it's
an sd connector issue?? What do you suppose I need to check ??

Could be a damaged connector. What revision board is this?


My BB is a xM Rev C.

OK. Then it is most likely the SD connector. Are you doing anything with the user button during booting?.


Hmm...i'm not sure, but it's possible that i touched the user button.
Today i'll try to recreate the SD image, then I let you know.
Meanwhile i'm at work where i have some test instruments, should i
verify something on board in order to assure that no component is
burnt on chip ?

I’ve booted my beagleboard correctly. I’ve not reinstalled the image of the SD card.Simply using the USB cable as power supply and the RS232 as logger through the terminal. Attached i sent you a log text file of the booting process and a dmesg infos (i don’t know if it could be useful !!!).The system as said before booted correctly, but still doesn’t work using the wall power supply. Could be the problem maybe due to something between the USB DC source and the wall supply source, or something concerning the overvoltage protection circuit???

beagleboard.txt (22 KB)

What do you have plugged into Port 2? Looks like whatever it isit does not like it.


Do you mean Port 2 as the P2 on the circuit diagram (the wall supply connector) ? I’m using a power supply which provides 5V (tested 5,1… V ) and 2.5A. In this moment I have no other cables connected to the board but the wall power supply.
I’ve tested some voltages and at the positive side of the POWER led (D5) i have 3V, and should be ok, but now sometimes this led looks like less bright (as a matter of fact the voltage in these cases is 1.5V) … it happens ONLY with wall supply connector plugged in.

No, USB port two. One of the four USB connectors. It appears to be spitting out messages about whatever is plugged in to it. On the power side. make sure the power supply negative rail is actually grounded. On some supplies the negative rail can be floating.


Hi, I’ve tested my supply and it’s okay (the negative is grounded). I’ve tested also the 5V connector with a professional controlled voltage power suplpy. I powered my board with different voltages, from 4,5V up to 5,5V with 0,1V step. In all cases the red led flashed once (and the circuit sank a really little current). Something wrong on input stage is going on …
Is there any other possibility to power up my board in order to switch on also the USB hubs and the ETH ???

Let me know

At this point, I suggest you request an RMA and get the board checked out.


Hi Paolo could you solve the problem I have same problem on my board too. Thank you

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Hey Paolo
I have same issue with my beagle too. Can you solve this problem ?


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