Damaged Beagle Bone Black (neither boots nor supplies VDD_3V3B)


apparently I must have somehow damaged my Beagle Bone Black Rev C.
At the time the device was damaged, only GND, VDD_3V3B, VDD_5V
and Ethernet were connected, so I am sure it was not overvoltage at
one of the GPIO/AIN pins (got my experiences with that already).
The current state of the device is that the power LED turns and stays on
when connected via VDD_5V, but the device does not boot or turn on
the VDD_3V3B rail. When connected to a USB power supply,
the power LED flashes only once. My power supply providing the
5V DC is based on the TPS5430/31EVM-173 3A Regulator Evaluation
Module BY Texas Instruments, which has worked nicely so far.

There is some (currently unused) circuitry connected to VDD_3V3B.
Any ideas what could have caused the damage? I had stumbled over
the problem with unreliable start ups with long VDD_5V rise times
previously (although I have not seen it for some time), but I was under
the impression that this was a non-permanent issue that could be
resolved by repowering the board. Is there something that might
permanently damage the BBB when simply powering up and down?

Thank you in advance,



Without knowing what exactly the damage is, I can’t tell you what caused it.

My suggestion is to send it in and let us figure out if we can what happened.



Having an elemt14 BBB, is it correct that I need to send it back to Farnell?
Considering I have not obtained my BBB from Farnell directly can I even
use their service? I do not have a customer ID and cannot even order from
Farnell since I am a non-commercial individual…



Yes, Farnell is responsible for their boards.