Database for Beaglebone

Which database is more suitable for Beaglebone? What have you used?
PostgreSQL? SQLite3?

I asked this same question on the #beagle IRC channel a few weeks ago, except I also had the qualification that I needed it to work with Node.js. There was some debate, but ultimately I came away with the advice to use sqlite3. There is a nice node module as well (npm install sqlite3).

I have been plugging away for a few days with Node.js & sqlite3 and so far - so good!

Good luck.

depends on the application using it. If there is just one program using db as datastore then sqlite is the way to go, although passing a sqlite connection between objects gets weird as its best to close entire connections before you need the connection is another object (oop in c++ and python at least) . If you have a multiuser environment where concurrency is more of an issue, then postgres is the way to go. Also using postgress you can create a connection and pass that around to create cursors from more easily.

I am developing using postgres, as I not only have programs that always run that need access to the data, but also a web front end.

Is there no problem with the flash memory?
How many write actions you can made?

I thought that the eMMC is similar to a SD-card and so not for many writes.

I’ve used the SQLite3 and I’ve not had trouble with it.