DC Motors

Is there a cape out there that controls only 4 motors? I need to control only 4 and i cant find any. How would i build my own using the l293d chip and the beaglebone protocape? I kow the beaglebone black cannot supply 5v of power is this possible?

There are all kinds of motors. So, I won’t go down that path. You can check at http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=BeagleBone_Capes for a list of the capes that are currently listed. These are not all of them, but the ones that people have listed there. There are several motor capes there. The may not just have interfaces for 4, but you don’t have to use the left over ones.


If you need a custom motor cape, let me know. I have one I built for my BBB with over 100 amp capability. I could cook you something up quick with the specs you need and code samples for use. Depending on requirements, you could get by for as little as $30.

This sounds like something a lot of people would find interesting if you were to publish it somewhere - a blog of your own or one of the home hardware hacker sites? (But, “There are all kinds of motors”)

Actually, motors are what got me into electronics to start with. I was a physics major in college who was also teaching himself to program. After 13 years of banging out code, I got curious about electronics. My first project was a brushed motor controller for my RC car. After a few years of tinkering with that stuff, I jumped to brushless motors, steppers, pretty much anything that needed to move, I toyed with it.

I’ll consider starting a blog or maybe adding these services to the offerings my company has right now. However, until I get that up and running, anyone that needs a custom solution can certainly hit me up. The components I use are top quality, the boards are professionally printed and assembled, and my work is always guaranteed.

Along with the boards, I can also offer custom control software solutions. Need motors that ramp-up to speed, gradually apply braking, are limited to X RPMs? I have code that handles all of that and can be tailored to the user’s needs.

I’ve also done solutions where the control board and power board were separate, allowing the user to switch quickly between brushed and brushless, or add power handling abilities on a needed basis.

I can provide documentation/schematics/board layouts of examples for anyone interested.

Do you happen to have anything for Back EMF compensation to adjust for loads?



I am currently looking for a beaglebone black cape and a python library allowing to control two brushless motors. Could you please send me a little more information about the solution you propose (especially, the hardware)?? It’s not a problem to produce the cape myself from schematics or layout but I think I don’t have the necessary level to design it.

Thanks a lot,