DC power jack boot issue

If I understand your set up, I had the exact same issue with booting from a SD Card from 5V on the VDD line ( power input ). It worked great on USB and failed with 5V power source.

So for me, I swapped the SD Card from my BB and the BBB, both known good cards, the issue went away.

All I can assume is that the SD Card that I used for the BBB was not liking that “flavor” of power. The BB had no issues with the same card!

I now have the Beagle Board Black ( BBB ) working with the 32G card that was in the Beagle Board ( BB ) and all is well. SD Cards are like that…

One more NOTE: The “Bad” SD in the BBB failed over long time periods, not right at the first boot many times. Now the system works for days.


Make sure you 5VDC supply is really 5V after it is plugged in and that it is not a switching power supply which can be noisy…


If you have an oscilloscope or multimeter, it's worthwhile to take a
look at the 5V voltage. I tested a few usb power supplies and it's all
over the place, the swing in voltage while on/off load, some have as
much as 7 or 8V, no real regulation, noisy, etc... off-load can be
understandable with cheap switching mode supplies, but the other defects
are inexcusable.