ddccontrol: i2c problem?

About 2 weeks ago I added a package ddccontrol to openembedded.
This should allow changing the display settings from your computer.

E.g. this command works on my desktop pc and switched my iiyama
monitor to hdmi when the PC is connected to the VGA of that same
ddccontrol -r 0x60 -w 4 pci:01:00.0-0

The beagle version does detect that it should use dev:/dev/i2c-3 but
cannot change the settings. Apparently it does not get the right data.

Command to retrireve the input switch is:
ddccontrol -r 0x60 dev:/dev/i2c-3

(btw you can do ddccontrol -p to probe; that takes a while but
eventually comes up with dev:/dev/i2c-3)

When reading the EDID information the monitor is detected but I get:

Reading EDID and initializing DDC/CI at bus dev:/dev/i2c-3
Invalid response, first byte is 0x00, should be 0x6e

and it is reading all zero's.
So apparantly reading the data from the monitor does not work
(although the very same port works on another system).

I guess this is related to i2c or to the video driver but haven't
found a reason yet. Anyone any suggestion?


PS: afaik i am using a .28 kernel with i2c-3 already patched to run at
100 khz.