debian 2014-07-22

Hi Guys,

I just pushed out another round of images for testing.

Just mostly small tweaks since 2014-07-16

Simpler nfs support thru u-boot:

See "nfs-uEnv.txt" in the fat partition

*note: use this kernel: ( as i need to fix v3.8.13-boneX )

sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.15.6-bone5 ;
sudo reboot

Jason's latest beaglebone windows certified drivers, with uk support.

A few fixes for xenomai

Yet another kernel source location: (this time a git tree)

As soon as i'm happy with my git push and stable tagging script, i'll
push those to

Let me know your thoughts.

Hi Robert,

Will mainline 3.15.6 work on xM or is your repo the best hope to get
something that works? I'm studying xM and BBB trying to update my
TI816x to something in this century.



Well for the xM, mainline pretty much works. The main patches in my
image (v3.15.x based):

Are video/usb fixes..

For the TI816x.. yuck.. Last i looked, I didn't want to deal with that mess. :wink:


Yes, I know. It is my millstone to carry ... I didn't pick it for our
board but I'm stuck with it.

I checked out 3.15.6 from and didn't see a _defconfig for
the xM. I have an A2 so I see an omap3-beagle-xm-ab.dtb so I'm
hoping I can study these bindings and the BBB and figure out how to
get a minimal something working on the ti816x.

Just trying to figure out which repo's I should be looking at to beg,
borrow, and steal enough examples to get up-to-speed on.

I've been stuck in 2.6.37 land for too long and trying to get my head
back around all the modern kernel changes. Got 3.12 working on our
dm6446 board without too much trouble not too long ago but I didn't
have to do any dts mods to it.



For the xM, you can either use:


and it 'should' just boot.

for usb/ethernet/video you will have to add some more drivers.

The major problem with "ti816x" is, a whole bunch of base level
support never made it mainline.


... don't need any video etc., just something to work with a minimal
console image.



I'm all too familiar with the silicon issues and lack of mainline
support unfortunately (I think all the TI guys know me by name by
now). A bunch of stuff I don't need. I need USB (I'm aware of the
silicon issues), Ethernet (has Davinci EMAC so hopefully that will
just work since that's covered in da850 family), AVS (hopefully this
is similar to AM355x), SPI, I2C and maybe a few other things. No
video, audio etc., so I'm hoping that with the recent mainline support
for xM, maybe I can figure out what I need studying it and AM355x.