Debian 3.14 Kernel DTC

I’m using the 3.14.34-ti-r53 branch to compile a kernel:

When I use the dts compiler

apt-get install Device-Tree-Compiler


dtc -I dtb -O dts -o custom.dts custom.dtb

the compiler complains with error

Unable to parse input tree

Downloading and executing this file just doesn’t work:

wget -c
chmod +x

I’m unable to use the modified to compile a dts file.

Does anyone know how I can compile a dts file and include it in the kernel at compile time?


I’m using a 4D-7.0-lcd with 3.14-ti.
My approach to getting it to work is using RobertCNelson’s dtb-rebuilder.

For me it’s just editing the beagleboneblack.dts to include the right dts-file ( am335x-bone-4dcape-70t.dts) then ‘make’, ‘make install’ and reboot

Maybe you can find some clues from the dts files and the makefile on how to make your own valid dts file and get it to work with dtc.