Debian 4.1.15-ti-r40 on BBB with LCD touch cursor jumping to right.

Hi All,

I’m currently working on a small project which uses an LCD Cape ( with a BBB Rev C running the latest version of Debian 4.1.15-ti-r40. Everything is going very well with development, with successful MODBUS comms to a Varible speed drive through UART4, grabbing RTC and analoge data over BB-SPIDEV0, as well as general IO by way of 24VDC in and relay outputs. This is all programmed using QT creator running on a cross development platform, which I’m slowly getting the hang of.

I must thank Robert C Nelson for all the hard work and long hours he puts into supporting new Kernels for the BBB. which makes this possible.

You can connect your button signals to onPressed() instead of onClicked() so it just uses the down event.

That’s working for me with Qt5/framebuffer/4.1 or 4.4 kernels and a 4DCape touchscreen, but the GUI for this app is pretty simple and only has buttons for user input.

NewHaven capacitive touchscreens I’m using on other projects behave much better.

Thanks for the idea, but I have Qlineedit boxes all over the place and a couple of dials which are no go with this method. Looks like its back to 3.8.13 for me, and learn how to load custom overlays ( I believe there is now a way?? )