Debian 4GB EMMC LXQT flasher image for Beaglebone Black

Where can I find this image? If it is not available how can it be generated?

Right there, switched to xfce in bullseye.


I installed bone-eMMC-flasher-debian-10.13-lxqt-armhf-2023-05-03-4gb.img.xz on my Beaglebone Black which leaves little space left for file storage which flashed the eMMC with this version. Using an 8GB microSD card I followed the manual procedure described in Expanding_File_System_Partition_On_A_microSD and get the error after running resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1: bad magic number in super block while trying to open /dev/mmcblk0p1. Couldn’t find valid super block. The automated way worked to create a partition /dev/mmcblk1p1 of size 3.6G type Linux which is on the eMMC not the microSD card. What to do?

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I know w/ the updated images, a reboot is required for the resize to take place on auto.


The automated way assumes the Beaglebone Black boots from the micro SD card. I want to add the micro SD card to the file system as extra storage and boot from the previously flashed eMMC.

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So, you need to flash the a SD Card w/ the eMMC image and then use the SD Card as extra storage. Oh and okay, I was not even sure this was possible until you brought it up.

Okay…just a little background here.

  1. I use the BBB as a learning platform to handle the am335x and specific peripherals. Good at it, me? No but I try still to this day to make it so I can manage more and more.
  2. I have not heard of this effort taking place to this day.
  3. I have never used the BBB in this manner nor have I even thought it was possible.
    a. Maybe a USB Stick could solve some space issues?
    b. I cannot help w/ this concern for now.
    c. I really thought you just needed the resizing of the SD Card and that is done via a script during the first reboot or a second boot.

I keep getting too confused. If you figure it out, yes! I would like to know the answer too…

But, and this is from my personal experience, I have not been able to dual boot the eMMC w/ extra storage as can be used by a SD Card.


P.S. I mistook what you said for not understanding the newer boot into a fresh image w/ rebooting to resize the empty partition. This is my mistake. I am sorry. Maybe others will help out but I am sure only one boot medium per board (for now).

There used to be a way to use u-boot to handle eMMC and SD Card images but the access to the SD Card while booting from the eMMC was issue prone. I may research it more to figure it out but something w/ a dmesg or journalctl -xe command may give more light to this issue. Oh!

I found something:

This may be a portal to something but it could be nothing. Are you building your own images? Yocto!

I have actually done this last year on a Beaglebone Black and a Beaglebone Black wireless board following the manual procedure shown in Beagleboard:Expanding File System Partition On A microSD - using Debian 9.9. After the eMMC has already been flashed using another microSD card and has been rebooted without that card a new microSD card is inserted and the procedure is performed. Now using Debian 9.9 and 10.13 I get this error after resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1: bad magic number in super block while trying to open /dev/mmcblk0p1. Couldn’t find valid filesystem super block. Perhaps I forgot something from last year.

Newer image will auto resize on first bootup, that error smells like the same message it reports when it was already resized and nothing for it to do.