[Debian 7.x] Image update doesn t work

I have an error message when i tried to update my beaglebone. I would like to update the image on my beaglebone but i have the following error message : “no Space left on the device”. I have replaced the micro sd card and i put a 32Gb card. The size of the previous card was 4Gb. I still have the same message error and i dont understand why.
I look at the “hardware” configuration of my beaglebone and i notice that the driver install on m’y beaglebone is “rndis_host” driver. I was wondering if my issue could be link to that.
I use another beaglebone and when i try to update the image of this one it works.
The driver installed on the second beaglebone is “cdc_ether”

What rootfs are you using? (cat /etc/dogtag) older images, you had to manually resize the partition with:


Newer images automatically resize after one reboot…


When i type the command cat /etc/dogtag i obtained thé following result
Debian image 2014-04-23.

I dont have the grow_partition.sh on m’y beaglebone

That is truly ancient…

Feel free to grab a more modern image: https://forum.beagleboard.org/tag/latest-images