Debian 8.6 IoT and BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape

I’m running the 8.6 debian IoT image on the BBGW and the HDMI cape doesn’t seem to work, I’m not even seeing it on the i2c bus. Is there a package I need to install for it to function?

Make sure you are running:

4.4.40-ti-r80 or later

and you have the latest version of bb-cape-overlays


Seeed had sent us a patch:

It still need some work to support every monitor...


That did it, my kernel was a few versions behind. Thanks!


BTW, what model monitor/lcd are you using???

I need to find "one" that works first, before i break too many things
while fixing the driver..


I’m not sure exactly what monitor it is, it’s one of the 7" touchscreens from adafruit. Its mounted and I can see any identifying marks on it.

In messing with it and trying another monitor, it has now stopped working. When it was working it was very fuzzy, but at least let me watch the boot process. I’ll kick it a few times this weekend and see if I can get the display back and then work on clearing it up. I’ll need to find where the display is coded and try to hard code a few resolutions and see if I can find one that works well for this monitor.