debian 8 image : connman static ip : set nameserver


I’m using debian 8 for the beaglebone black …

I discovered that the beaglebone switch to connman to manage the network ? why ? that more complicate than using the file /etc/network/interfaces

I’ve difficulties with the nameserver, normally it’s in the file /etc/resolv.conf, but with connman, it does’t work !

Any idea ?

You can always apt-get remove "connman"

sudo apt-get remove connman --purge

We are using a lot of connman functionally in the example images today..


All these network managers are evil. I mean seriously how hard is it to use /etc/network/interfaces ? /etc/resolv.conf ?

But I forget why you all are using connman, and it seemed like a good reason, I just wont use that feature myself. static IP’s and all . . .