Debian 9.2, U-Boot Overlays and SGX

Hi! This is my first time here and I wanted some help to setup my BBB

What’s the best way to get a Debian 9.2 - Kernel 4.14 image with support for U-Boot device tree overlays ( while also getting the SGX driver?

I have investigated a lot but I need to make sure that this “guide” is correct (since I don’t wanna make any irreparable mistake)

I suppose that I need to get the Stretch Snapshot lxqt - Flasher: (stretch-lxqt) (All BeagleBone Variants with a 4GB eMMC) image from:

This comes with Kernel 4.9 so I would need to upgrade following the instructions in:
And I would install Mainline 4.14

After that, I would follow this instructions to get the SGX driver:

But instead of checking out the 4.4 branch I would checkout the 4.14 branch:

Finally I would upgrade U-Boot

And hopefully I wouldn’t break anything. Is this guide correct? Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance


I’m at the same place as you, did you ever get this going?

Best regards
Ole Nissen