Debian boot - need a little help

I burned the debian 7.4 3-37 image to SD. I am using a 5V supply and HDMI and wireless keyboard and mouse.

It boots. I see the penguin. I get the login prompt. seconds later all disappears. It looks like HDMI is still active but no video.

If I am quick I can type in a username so I know the keyboard is working.

Any ideas?

Does DEbian come up with an SSH port? I can’t seem to find a DHCP entry in my router.

OK I will answer my own question here at least partially. Since I do not need HDMI and I want to go headless anyhow I logged in using USB. I then went into the /etc/network/interfaces file and found that the eth0 lines were commented out. So that is why I had no Ethernet connection. I added a static IP definition and rebooted. All is well now for Ethernet login on port 22.

Why is ethernet not supported at initial boot?


regarding your monitor… check out

you might find some hints. It sounds like the problem I had.

Hi Doug,

The Debian images use wicd to start the network interfaces instead of the /etc/network/interfaces file to avoid a possible delay on boot when the BBB is not connected to a wired network.

Unfortunately, at least in my experience, wicd is not set to enable the wired ethernet interface by default. I had to go into the wicd preferences page and check “Always show wired interface”, and then manually click the connect button on the wicd main screen. I only had to do this manually once, and ever since it has automatically re-connected the wired ethernet interface. The eth0 lines in my /etc/network/interfaces file are still commented out.

Dennis Cote