debian does'nt boot up, led 0 blink. How can I relaod new debian image

Hi everyone,

I have been working in the beagleBone Blue last couple of month and sometime my beagleBone get stuck during boot time. I try to reload a new image with the SD card flash with last version and blablabla… but it look like the it doesn’t power up on the SD card when I launch the board. You will find a video where you can see led blinking at boot time and stay stuck after couple of second in this link :

I can connect to the beagle either with the USB cable nor with the wifi (there is none). I can’t recognize the beaglebone with my cumpter either. It looks like the board is dead …

I tried everything but now I have 4 beagle bone stuck in this mode and I can’t use them anymore… Is there any other way that SD card to reload new debian image ? Does someone know why this happen ? I’m running same boot script (rc.local), same code (server) every time I use them. Most of the time it last for at least a month before getting stuck in this mode.

Thanks a lot for your answer !!