Debian img 8.3 lxqt boot indefinitely on some BBB

After installing the bone-debian-8.3-;xqt-4gb-armhf-2016-01-24-4gb.img on a SD card, I’m able to boot this image on some BBB.

But on some other BBB, the boot process start with some text on the display (4DCAPE-70T) and suddently reboot, and this indefinitely…
What can be the problem please, in particular, what is the cause that the BBB reboot indefinitely?

Just a blind shot in the dark but what are you powering the boards with? LCDs take a fair bit of power and you could just be on the ragged edge with some boards able to work with slightly less voltage before the watchdog reboots it.

4D recommends a minimum 2A@5VDC so if you’re just connecting to your PC USB port or using a smaller power supply that could be the problem.

Thanks PatM001,
This is a good direction to investigate, my external power supply is really 3A@5V but it seemed I have some troubles when the Ethernet cable is connected.
Maybe a loss of power, I will look at this.