Debian: S-Video output on Beagleboard


I am using Debian and am looking to enable s-video output on beagleboard. Has anyone been successful doing so? Can someone suggest how to go about doing this?

Hi Radha,

It's the same kernel as in Angstrom, the DSS2 settings needed have
been mentioned a couple times on this mailling list, however i don't
have an s-video tv (all hdmi) to test with. The DSS2 subsystem could
really use a wiki page on if your up to it..


Thanks Robert,

Was going through various discussions on DSS2 settings on the list. Unfruitful so far.

Tried following the instructions on LinuxHints page (echo ‘tv’ > /sys/class/display_control/omap_disp_control/video1). But /sys/class/display_control doesn’t exist on Debian.

Should we be using any specific package to get this enabled? Is there any other way to go about enabling s-video?

In the meantime, will try enabling s-video from uboot bootargs and see if that works.

Suggestions about anything else that I should try?

I believe those directions are from 2.6.28's DSS2, which has changed...

No external package is needed, everything is in the kernel..

Look in: /sys/devices/platform/omapfb/ & /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/

Some more discussion here:

You can also use the bootargs at bootup, change the "dvi" to "tv"



I boot ubuntu using the TV out with the 2.6.29 kernel using
omapfb.mode=tv:ntsc omapdss.def_disp=tv
in my bootargs. It took me a bit of fishing to get this working and I
still haven't figured out how to
force a resolution other than ntsc.

Hope this helps,