debian testing install (jessie)

Is there a netinstall version of jessie available for beagle bone black? I’m having trouble with sorely needed packages being unavailable in wheezy.



Jessie is enabled in the netinstall: "--distro jessie"

It's using a d-i ramdisk image from 20140316 off debian server's.
(still the latest they have).

Otherwise it's pretty bug free.



where can I get it and how do I go from what I get to something that
can be placed onto an sd card (then flashed)? I found the following
browsing around the usual site for dev images:

but how do I go from what they contain to a usable, possibly flashable SD card?



Erik, does this help ?

Specifically for your given question:

However, you’ll need to scroll up to see how Robert describes / sets up the mount points. Also those MD5 sums wont be the same as we’re talking about different archives. Obviously the file names will be different too, but basically use these as an example of how to setup your own SDcard.