Debug a service that starts on Bootup? (Python code)

I have a python application that I start by running “python” from the SSH (PuTTY).
The application uses multiple “print” statement for debug / troubleshoot purposes.

What are my options for debugging if I set the application to start running at bootup?
Is there any way to “connect” to the running application in case I need to see what’s going on?
Re-direct the “print” statement to output somewhere else?

2 Ideas:
- Create a log file which you output your debug info to using file.write(). You can use the "tail" Linux command to see the latest data.

-Have the program output using print as usual. At boot up, you have your program set as a background job. Whenever you want to monitor the program, you can use the linux command "fg <jobid>" to bring your task to the foreground. When finished monitoring, put it back to the background using ctrl-z then "bg". You can find the job I'd using "ps -aux".