Debug Linux kernel module on beagle bone

I am a beaglebone new bee,
I wanted to debug a kernel module on beagle bone,
I assume we can use CCS to debug code on beaglebone, I would like to know tools and interface required to debug kernel module on beagle bone.



It just wouldn't fit properly in an Altoids Tin..


Isn’t there some new fandangled way to debug the kernel by running it as an executable. As in Linux running it’s self ? For the life of me, I can not recall the correct term . . .

kdb? it's also enabled by default... never personally used it thou..


kdb? it’s also enabled by default… never personally used it thou…

I do not think so, no. Someone on these groups posted about something I had never heard about before, so I spent a couple hours googling and reading on the subject.

Basically, in make I believe it is an “ARCH” option, that builds the kernel as a standalone executable. Which can then be run somehow ( perhaps chroot env ) on an already running Linux. Something akin perhaps to a virtual machine, without the virtual machine.

The idea anyway, is that you could debug a misbehaving kernel, withotu completely crashing the system it was running on. Also alleviating the need for a remote debug system.

Oh that's kexec!


Anyway, this will drive me nuts ( short trip ) until I figure it out / remember. As it seemed like a really cool / useful / just-the-sort-of-thing I’d love to toy with.

Oh that’s kexec!

Thats it ! thanks :wink:

Anyway, I did want to mention perhaps this would be another option, but basically do not know if it could be used to debug modules as well ? I think so, but am not sure.

Anyway, some say the most effective way to debug a kernel module is by using printk() . . . but this is something I have no personal hands on experience with to date.