Decoupling Caps Placement

I am doing the schematic and PCB layout of a SOM based on BeagleBoard xm Rev. C.
I noticed something in the schematics that seemed a bit odd to me:
It turns out that for example ball numbers W11, Y11, W12 and K11 are all connected to the same decoupling capacitor, in the schematics drawings.
While W11, Y11 and W12 are close together, K11 is physically farther away. Same thing with K13, J14, K14, Y14 or J15, W15 and Y15.
Is there a reason that K11 is not connected to the decoupling capacitor of K13, J14, K14, and Y14 connected to W11, Y11 and W12 when they are in the same vicinity?

This was based on the recommendation from TI about 3 years ago. It seems to be working good for us with no issues. You are free to change it and do it different if you want to experiment.