Default Memory Size when using Tilcdc

We are having difficulties creating a framebuffer that is larger than the exact panel dimensions specified in the device tree. We would like for the memory allocation to default such that we are able to specify a vyress 2 times greater than the panel resolution. I have example images that do this sort of thing, but I can’t quite seem to figure out how it is being done. These images are either fixing the vyres to 3 times the resolution height, or allowing an ioctl call to set the vyres larger. One example is being done on a Robert C Nelson build. 3.14.19-ti-r25 the others are various builds coming from Yocto or TI directly.

Seeing that this is DRM, the various kernel command options don’t appear to have helped. We are making use of the frame buffer emulation due to the way the current software application draws. Thank you.