Dell laptop loses wifi adapter when connected to BBB via USB!!

I just got my BBB today and I hooked it up to my Dell Inspiron i7 laptop and after the BBB booted up and I could verify connectivity with Chrome and using the IP address of the board it shuts down my laptops wifi adapter so I can’t use the internet while its connected… As soon as I reboot the BBB or unplug it the wifi adapter comes back on… anyone have this issue??

How to fix??


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Make sure that you are using a different ip subnet for your wifi network...I'd find it pretty surprising if you really are losing your wireless link due to the BBB's USB connection.

The wifi icon on the taskbar next to the system clock on Win 7 has the circle with a line through it to indicate its unavailabe and the light on the keyboard goes out as soon as the BBB finishes booting… The IP address of the BBB is and the laptop IP is Doesn’t the driver for the BBB acquire its IP address from the same router the laptop does?

What should I make the subnet mask be for the laptop’s wifi adapter to prevent this?

Thanks again!

The USB connection to BBB is from the driver (this is a virtual network).
Your wifi network would need at least a /22 net mask, but most probably use /24 ( Note this decreases the number of hosts (google "ip calculator" for more info).
I'm not familiar enough with win7 (or Dell's mods to it) to tell if your icon is x'd because of ip connectivity loss or you're losing actual wireless connection. If there is a utility that still gives signal strength it's probably the subnet mask....although a driver conflict is still possible.

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Question: Is there a way to change the IP address the BBB is using from to 192.168.1.x ?

If I can get it on the same subnet as my laptop and other devices it should
not conflict..


windows will happily run on multiple subnets. For example, we have a
local net, 192.xxxxxx and a real net, 123.xxxxxxx in one of our labs.
The network can be on physically separate networks or the same
phyisical network.

  You have to make sure the route is correct. Windows may default to
a wired network. There is a 'route' command in windows, unfortunately
the syntax is garbled a little from everyone else's 'route'. However,
before you do that, I suspect looking at the connection in the control
panel will yield some clues.

Actually you want the BBB USB connection and WiFi connection on different networks…they’re using different physical interfaces.
Although this strictly speaking isn’t correct, this is the best way to think about it in this case…a single network should only include a single physical interface.
The reason being is that the operating system needs to know which physical interface a particular IP packet should be routed. (this is the route table).

As for changing the IP on the BBB’s USB virtual network, it is apparently possible, but I don’t think that I would recommend it in your case. Hopefully by changing the subnet mask on your wireless router, the laptop’s WiFi connection should retain connectivity when you’re connected to the BBB by USB (you will need to probably reboot the router and perhaps the laptop after the subnet mask change).



I have the same. However I found a way to overcome it.
Normally I have a LAN cable too at my place to connect the BBB to the net at the same time.
When my laptop is loosing its Wifi I use the LAN cable to get it back to the net. Now you can remove the cable from the laptop and hook it to the BBB again.
However my laptop is now connection via Wifi again and everything is working as expected.
Hope this is of help.

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