Derivative Design under Altuim Designer using CUS pkg of OMAP35xx

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else has taken this on?
I am to the point of needing to do Signal Integrity checks on my
Both models I've found do not load without errors into AD (W-09 SP2).
I have cleaned up the one under the 3530 and now it loads but with
But the results I'm seeing does not encourage me. The SI process still
comes back with errors.
My contact at TI said no one is allocated (or they have no one to
allocate) to work on this/these models.
So, I guess I'm on my own.

Anyone have any suggestions?
It would sure be appreciated.


I know of only one CUS design and I do not know what they used. I also don’t believe they are making that information public. Here is a link to some information on the board.

There is also a layout guideline for the package as well, although it just covers the escapes.

Now Cogent has also done a design with the CUS package, but I don’t know what information they provide with their design nor do I know the design package they use.


Thanks for the links I'll ck them out.
Now you know of at least two CUS designs.
I have reviewed all the info I can get my hands on. I still want to do
some sims if I can.
Are you based at the main TI facility 75&635 in Dallas? Or in that

I know there are a couple of designers around the boards that are
using AD and just wanted
to get some feedback on what they've done.

If you're in my area, I'd like to buy you a tea, coke, beer, lunch....
I'm up 75 in N Plano.


I am in Dallas. Check with me next week and maybe we can work our schedules to meet.