Desired for the Kernel support Neon & V4L

Hi Everybody,
I need a kernel which supports Neon & V4l to run our Neon codecs on beagleboard. I’ve gotten the latest kernel-2.6.28 from GIT. Based on it, I generated a new uImage by enabling Neon & V4L. But I found it does not support V4L on beagle yet. And V4L is essential for me to utilize the advantage of Scaling & Resizing of beagle. So, could you help me about this issue? Any hint is welcome,too. Thanks a lot.

David Wan

The framebuffer interface also supports scaling and resizing using the DSS, no need for v4l. If you think you *really* need v4l, have a look at the v4l mailinglist, Vaibhav has some patches to Tomi's new DSS driver to support v4l.



Thanks to Keon for your quick reply.