Desktop GUI for BB rev a5.

How can I use GUI desktop from SSH in BB rev a5? I’m kinda new so can anyone explain please?

O always use the no machine program

From a Linux (like) desktop computer running an X Windows server, issue the ssh command with -X option, then you can run some GUI apps on the BB and have them display on the desktop. I’ve used this to develop some scripts and a directory structure on a server over 100 miles away, the internet speed can be too slow for this to be fun to use.

There is a X Windows server for a Windows PC (Xming I think) which can be used with PuTTY – I used them to access a Linux machine from my Windows desktop, and use a GUI file manager like KDE Dolphin, but I did not find KDE worked very well, so used a lighter weight desktop environment and moved its task bar to left edge from overlaying the Windows taskbar.

While SSH supports an option to tunnel X-Window traffic through it, it
will require your host computer to be running an X-Server. (Native if you
are running a Linux system, but not for Windows -- that will require
downloading and configuring some third-party software).

  In contrast -- the R-Pi software includes a version of VNC, and host
VNC applications can be downloaded to do similar.

  For the BBB -- If I really need the GUI, I find it easier to just
connect a USB keyboard/mouse, and run an HDMI cable to my computer monitor
-- then use the monitor menu to swap input source from Display-Port (which
my main desktop computer runs) to the HDMI port.