detailed datasheet for the BeagleBone Fan Cape ? (both electical & mechanical)

I like to know the details of the Fan Cape, in order to evaluate if or how to include it in a project. I don’t like to do reverse engineering, especially for something claimed to be open hardware (i.e. supposed to be openly documented).

Where can I get detailed info ? The “Quick Start Guide” from Farnell/Newark is completely dumb and useless.

What is the height of the connectors on the upper side ? Are they the same as the ones from a standard BB Black ?

What is the length of the pins on the down side ? On the BB Black manual the insertion depth is stated to be 6,35mm and I assume the same on BB AI (btw, detailed hardware info on that one somewhere ?) Are these cap pins longer than that ? The pins are soldered – and so to be measured – directly from board surface ? If I want to use four M3 spacers in order to have a more robust ensemble, the spacers size (length) depends on the constructive details of these pins.

What is the fan rotation speed ? What is the fan nominal noise specification ? What is the fan life expectancy ? In the long run, if at one point I need to replace the fan, what is the fan manufacturer and model number ? Getting another complete cap could be an alternate solution, however, this seems to me to be a waste.

The electric drawing is the one from this site Fan Cape for BeagleBone AI | Elektor Magazine ? If not, where else can be found ?

Thank you,