DEV KIT 8000 in India.

Hi all,

Looking at the interest for Devkit, I thought we should support the
platform purchase in India.

Can some one host a wiki page and list the number of folks interested
in buying this platform. Embest is willing to reduce the price for
bulk orders and we will also get some benefits in shipping charges.

Given the interest we can set up a distributor (no margin) for local purchase.




Is there any update on this?

I am looking to buy a Devkit too.


You can buy one directly I believe. I didn't get any distributor who
was willing to buy and distribute these boards in India.

The other alternative was to put out a wiki get a consolidated list of
interested folks and buy it in bulk.

This will reduce the shipping charges and we might get distributors price.

So, no updates so far...


I was looking at creating a wiki page on the project’s Google Code website. But it seems I can’t create it. Can someone please do that? or should we use some other wiki site?

can you use elinux ?

Created a page…
Not formatted well enough. But will serve the purpose for now… Please add yourself to the list.
Once we have a sizable number of people interested, we can go ahead and place the order.

Cleaned up a bit and added all sorts of caveats :slight_smile: I have also
forwarded the link to manufacturers and they are excited.

Please fill in the orders, lets work towards next process as soon as
we have 10 entries or after 10 days.

Thanks Deobrat.



The USB OTG connector used in beagle board and devkit has have any difference, because we are facing problem here.

I have one usb hub and mine A usb cable which i used to connect in USB OTG connector in beagle board , where beagle acts as host mode and then connect keyboard,mouse to hub.

Now, the same mechanism i tried with devkit 8000, but the cable is not going in, the connector seems little different. I am unable to test usb devices due to this. Even so, there is a way of shorting 4 and 5 pin in otg to make it work for host mode and use mini B, but we are stopped by process to solder anything in the board.

I checked in embest website, they are mentioning “One USB cable (Type A Female to Type Mini-A Male)”

I have tried to search for this in chennai, but in vain.

Embest ship this cable only if we buy complete configuration which is $259.

Is there any possibility of getting the cable along with the orders of devkit from this

Thanks and Regards,

I am also in . so right now it is 3 buyers.

I got interested in the devkit since it supports the camera and
ethernet which is much required for the
application that i have in mind.

Not sure whether Embest has the matching camera sensors . I have just
mailed embest on the camera.


hi all,

my company is in talks with EMBEST for distributorship, i hope we’ll be able to distribute in india shortly.

Thats sounds gr8…

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Hi all,

Innovate solutions is identified as distributor for DEVKIT 8000 boards
in India, the board will cost 10,500 in India. They will add all the
details on there website soon.

Ideally if the board is brought directly then it will cost 149$ + 42$
(customs + duty) + 35$ (shipping) = 226$ = 11, 600.

Since they will buy in bulk, shipping and bulk order will reduce the
price to 10,500 Rs and more over this comes with a power adapter, UART
cable and MMC/SD card.

This is FYI. Let me know your quick comments on the same.