Dev Kit 8000 - vs BeagleBoard

Has anybody used Dev Kit 8000 here before?

It seems to be a lot more complete than BB?

How different is it from BB? Should i go for it?

what do you guys think ?


wow ... that does look like a clone of the BB, doesn't it? and it
comes *with* a touchpanel? is that true?


It seem like it .

The specs say it is a 4 wire touch panel ....

as I said.. this thing sound too good on paper ...but has anyone
acctually had some experience with it?

I am unable to find any reviews on the net about it..
the only other place its been metioned is here -> but thats
in greek..

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

shreyn wrote:

It seem like it .

The specs say it is a 4 wire touch panel ....

as I said.. this thing sound too good on paper ...but has anyone
acctually had some experience with it?

I am unable to find any reviews on the net about it..
the only other place its been metioned is here -> but thats
in greek..

hmm, that was all greek to me but babelfish translates it to:

"[Yperplires] in regionally and with the almighty processor.
From 149$ only board, and with 259$ with lcd and the all cables
where needed. It is a lot of interest for dual display applications."

I like the "almighty" processor :slight_smile:

But only 128 MB RAM & flash.


it's that second configuration that's so appealing -- a complete set
of cables, plus power adapter and the touchscreen, so you don't have
to purchase all of those separately. the question then is, how does
the board itself compare to a genuine BB? is this new dev kit setting
itself up as a direct competitor to the BB? what do the BB creators
think of this? opinions one way or the other?


Laurent Desnogues wrote:

It seems to be popular in China etc...most of the hits in google are
chinese ...

also just a cost 48$ for shipping charges.via DHL express

The end result could be the lowest common denominator :slight_smile:


Well, the translation is an approximation, and the initial word is
definitely not 'almighty', it is 'powerful'.

I've just got today my DevKit8000 with a 7" panel.

The kit is impressively complete, its similar to my EBVBeagle in terms
of bundled items and honestly I'm a bit surprised about it.

On first inspection, looks quite good and with decent quality as a
I've just tested the tty/serial and it works (at least...) giving the
Angstrom # prompt after a quite fast boot.

Next it will be to attach the LCD and check the provided Angstrom/
Android/WinCE images.

Ordered one month ago, I've waited to get it as I've been informed
from Embest that they did not had it ready at the time.
Last week they start delivering.


I am very interested in whether MCBSP1 or MCBSP3 works on the
expansion header. If you do test these please post your findings.


There is an expansion connector that has McBSP1 and McBSP3,
and McBSP2 is occupied by the TWL4030 driver.

I give it a good test yesterday and for the first time I had the
opportunity to see Android and WinCE live on the LCD.

Documentation is quite informative giving guidance on how
to create NAND and SD images for all the provided demos
Android/Angstrom/WinCE and guide on how to
modify the kernel parameters.
I stressed the board a bit doing some NAND foolish things
and I lost the u-boot so the
board became non-responsive to tty and could not boot,
nevertheless there were instructions
even on how to revive the factory default x-loader, u-boot,
uImage and filesystem on NAND thus the remedy took about
20 minutes and it is operating properly again.
Although very informative the manual had language issues
and it was showing that there is need for better english
language understanding from its authors.

I'm not a OMAP or BB specialist and overall, I'm very much
impressed that I could use the kit right out of the box and
in many configurations.
I do not know for how long it will continue to work, or if I found
a serious problem later on, but up to now I really like it.


i'm still interested in what the BB creators think of this.
obviously, since the whole BB design is open, nothing stops someone
from trying to replicate it. and, as i mentioned before, given the
two ordering options, the slightly more expensive one ($259) has some
serious appeal since it comes not only with a LCD/touchscreen, but
with all of the possible cables, meaning that one doesn't have to
rummage around locally to get things like cables and a power adapter.

  perhaps the quality isn't up to BB standards, i have no idea. but
is there any compelling reason why one *shouldn't* look at that new
dev kit as a BB alternative?


Hi all,
I just received my devkit8000. I have just started to test it, but for my surprise the usb host controller chip is not installed on the board. The board apparently only provides OTG USB. The other people that purchased the kit have had also the same problem ?


I could only say this phrase ...'Huston, we have a problem!' :-))

U13+U20 AWOL

sv1eia, Leandro, Marcus,
Could you go to the manufacturers site, copy the feature list and do
basic tests of each feature and post your results here?

I would think this board has more than a few interested in this board
because of the builtin LCD/touchscreen support and possibly the
networking. It should be pretty easy to test general features and
verify what works and what doesn't. For instance, the USB Host support
could have been tested by just plugging in a mouse and seeing if it
works and if it doesn't, look at the message log( dmesg ) to see if it
saw anything. I think this would be really helpful to many here.

rday, I really doubt the TI people care much about yet another clone
since that is the whole reason for the Beagleboard project. It's to
get the TI chips in the hands of others and give them a design they
can use to product boards using the TI OMAP chips. Clones are great
for TI but it does add confusion to the forum users as to where
support should be discussed.



A quick and dirty approach on what is not working
gives this
1. The second USB port, the USB Host.
2. The I2C circuitry of the HDMI interface.
Based on schematics these are the missing parts.

I agree with you Doug, TI has to be happy when is
selling more.

I’m sure that “corporate TI” are indeed happy to see their chips in use almost regardless of the application. However, I suspect you are being a little unfair on the TI BeagleBoard team who put in a lot of voluntary months/weeks/days/hours of design and support and surely must have more than a little bit of pride in their creation.

If you compare the DevKit 8000 $149 offering with the BB then the BB wins on specs regardless of quality / community concerns… I also seem to remember some rumours of a touchscreen kit for the BB…

  posting the two things found to not work is great but if others are
like me, all that leaves me thinking is what else isn't working. By
posting the list of listed features and putting a "working" / "not
working" label under or next to that, people can get some
understanding of what was really tested. It would be really bad if
someone who needed the TFT support and audio out working found out
that while the TFT works, the audio doesn't.

  I agree, the BB does have better specs and it costs less when you
add in the ~$50 the other board costs for shipping from China. But it
does have some features not on the Beagle or at least not yet fully
documented for people to add, like the TFT support on the revC boards.
I hope the BB team doesn't see these other boards as competition but I
also hope we don't see some other vendor make an exact copy of the BB
either. I think it's great what the Beagleboard team has done and the
fact that others are making boards similar to the Beagleboard proves
they right and built the right design and form factor. And I sure hope
TI's management recognizes their efforts and the results.