/dev/media0 not showing up?

I'm using oe-core to build the 3.0.7+ kernel, which runs fine on my

I'm interested in the media controller framework.

I expected there to be a /dev/media0, but it is not there. I do see
"Linux media interface: v0.10" in my dmesg log, so I know
media_devnode_init() is being called.

Even without a sensor connected and camera defined, I should still get
a media0 which represents the ISP, correct? I do have
CONFIG_VIDEO_OMAP3=y in my kernel config.

It looks like the kernel I'm using doesn't have support for the
"camera=" cmdline option, so hopefully the presence of the camera is
not required to kick things off.


You should really ask about this on the linux-media mailing list. There
has been a lengthy discussion of this topic there recently - check the archives.

I'm not sure if the mainline kernel has the OMAP ISP + MC stuff in it yet.