DEV8000 kit in India

Hi All,

DEV8000 kit is now available in INDIA as a complete package from Tenet
Technetronics (http:\\ . They Provide it with all
peripherals and connectors for a cheaper price !
Do get back with the service they offer if anybody gets a chance to

But I found they are selling costlier (14,500) compared to innovate
(10,500). Any idea why?


i believe this with touch screen …

I don't think so, it will cost not less than 15000 Rs. with customs
and duty + shipping.

In the order information
It is mentioned that package consists of

One DevKit8000 Evaluation board

One 4.3” LCD (With Touch panel, we provide 7"LCD or 5.6"LCD Model for option, please add US$20 for choosing 7"LCD, US$40 for choosing 5.6"LCD)

One 512MB SD card

One Serial cable (IDC10-to-DB9)

One 5V@2A Power adapter

One Touch Pen

One USB cable (Type A Male to Type Mini-B Male)

One USB cable (Type A Female to Type Mini-A Male)


One Cross Ethernet cable

One HDMI to DVI-D cable

One S-Video cable


Its pretty much low cost compare to innovate, where the same costs at approx 19K-20K.