developing a driver on beagle board


   I am new to drivers on linux and i work on the beagleboard.I would
like to start out with a simple driver.could someone suggest me a
simple and good driver 2 work on.

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This book is available for free online in PDF form, and walks you
through creating a few simple drivers.


read this!

2010/10/12 ajay <>

I think ajay is looking for ideas on what specific kinds of drivers to work on.

I would suggest first writing a driver for which a known candidate already exists. For example, if you have a BeagleBoard Cx, you probably already have an Ethernet dongle that works with it, most likely the ASIX-based one that comes on the fancy 3-port USB hub from Special Computing ( fifth item from the bottom).

The source code for this device exists and is part of the Angstrom distribution, but that doesn’t stop you from developing your own. Start with the source code - take a look at what the author did with the source for this driver. Then look at to see how it is supposed to work. Read the book recommended by several others in this thread. Then, start coding - see if you can come up with a more elegant solution. Or, try writing a driver for a different device, maybe a wireless adapter. In short, take advantage of the sources available and dive in.

I hope this helps


I would start from serial driver. USB is too complex.
Or a driver for embedded LCD display…

2010/10/13 Jeff Osier-Mixon <>

Hello Maxim,

Sorry for this stupid question, link to serial port driver