Developing bootloader for BeagleBoard

Hello everyone!

I have beagleboard rev. B4 and have to create own bootloader for it.
But I'm newbie in this area, so I need any help for begining..may be
you can recommend me some appropriate literature or resources..
It would be really greate to see some code examples of bootloaders for
BB, like x-loader, but I cant find it.

I will be very grateful for any help!

Use google. It provides answers if you have questions

Thanks for reply.
Im searching google a lot, and I agree that there are a lot of
information, but usually general when expected that you have some
knowledge in this sphere.
Usually uses 2 stage bootloader, x-loader as 1st and u-boot as 2sd.
And I found u-boot source code, although I dont understand how it
works..) But I still need some examples of 1st stage bootlader like x-
loader for understanding how to set memory and periphery.

if you look in the latest u-boot source code, the first stage loader
source code is in the directory spl/.


memory is configured in x-loader
periphery is configured in u-boot.

If you don’t understand sources then what additional examples do you need? Source code is the best book for learning

2012/2/14 Robert P. J. Day <>