Device tree concept

I wanted to know the device tree concept in beagleboard family.Till now i was using Pandaboard(with ubuntu, Debian and Android) and there is no concept of device tree in that.Kernels used >= 3.0.1.
I wanted to know what changes needs to be done and in which files if we wanted to interface any hardware via i2c or SPI.In panda-board we used to modify the board config file (board_omap4panda.c) but I tihnk for Beagleboard some thign more is to be done?
Kindly let me know on this.

Google is your friend.

Google “Beaglebone Black Device Tree” and see what you find.

Good articles in Adafruit Learning System.

Purchase Derek Molloy’s book:

“Exploring BeagleBone: Tools and Techniques for Building with Embedded Linux”

— Graham

Go to and download the kernel source then untar and you will
have a lot of docs in here:

And don't forget to look at the copious source in the kernel for devices
and their device trees.

For example:


Or you can just google ‘linux/Documentation/devicetree’ and read the documentation. Many hits, such as this:

I highly recommend using the source, especially if english is not your native
tongue. Real code can be better than any docs ever written.

Thanks for the linfo.Is it same for all the beagleboards?Beagleboard-xm as well?

The device tree concept is the same.
The specific implementation, pin numbers, pin-mux controls, are different for each different piece of hardware.

— Graham

Thanks for the confirmation.