Device tree overlay in BBB

I have written my own device tree inoder to inorder interface my LCD…
I have compiled my .dts file and there was no error also but when I tried to echo it in the slots the error I am getting is “no such file or directory found”.
Can I know the reasonm why it is showing error like this?

When you compiled your .dts file you should have made a .dtbo file. Assuming you have this, you should copy it into the /lib/fimware directory. You can see several examples of .dtbo files already in there. These filenames have the version number at the end of the main part of the file name, for examle: my_device_tree-00A0.dtbo. What you want to do is echo the file name without the version number and without the extension into your slots file, for example in this case: echo my_device_tree > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.7/slots.

This won’t work if a) the dtbo file is no in the /lib/firmware directory, or b) if you include the version number in string your echo to the slots file.