Device Tree: UART with h/w flow control without breaking anything else?

I’ve been through the expansion header pinouts trying to come up with a .dts configuration that enables a UART with hardware flow control (so TXD, RXD, CTS and RTS) but does NOT break any of i2c2, HDMI or the eMMC.

  • uart0: Serial console, I need that already! (but it doesn’t have RTS/CTS on J1)

  • uart1: RTS/CTS conflict with i2c2 (and RXD/TXD conflicts with i2c1!)

  • uart2: Has no hardware flow control pins exposed, conflicts with i2c2

  • uart3: Is missing the RXD pin (and no h/w flow control!)

  • uart4: RTS/CTS conflict with HDMI

  • uart5: Conflicts with HDMI

Am I right here? Is it not possible to do this?

If it cannot be done, I guess I can live with out i2c – there’s a SPI version of what I need and SPI0 doesn’t conflict with uart1. But I still have the following error due to the uart1_ctsn conflict with i2c2_sda;

pinctrl-single 44e10800.pinmux: pin 44e10978 already requested by 4819c000.i2c; cannot claim for 48022000.serial

Anyone know how to disable i2c2? [the cape mgr eeprom]? I’m not sure which wins here … i2c2 or uart1.