DHCP issues

Hi Jason, James,

I’m running Debian 8.8 from 7/1/17, and I’m having an issue where the BBB no longer shows up as the default IP

I’ve narrowed it down to the script which enables the device tree overlay, or installing the robotics cape from source code.

Once I reboot, my BBB shows up as a self assigned IP, and I can’t connect to it.

The DT script works for 8.7, but not 8.8 or the 9.1 versions.

Any ideas?


Can you provide a journal log?

Can you check the status of dnsmasq and connman processes?

Which script are you calling the “DT script”? https://github.com/StrawsonDesign/Robotics_Cape_Installer/blob/master/install.sh ? https://github.com/StrawsonDesign/Robotics_Cape_Installer/blob/master/device_tree/configure_robotics_dt.sh ?


After the IP address changes I’m unable to log in.

Basically, I flashed with Debian 8.8, then ran the configure_robotics_dt.sh script.

After rebooting,
I can no longer log in.

should be easy to duplicate.


Use an older release, with the conversation to u-boot overlays, that dt script won’t work. I have that cape and need to push it out my fixes.

Busy with family stuff, so it won’t be till next week.