Did it die already?????? Now I'm frustrated.

Well, now here it is a half hour later, and I plugged in the Bone for the second time.

No disk icon on the desk.
The /dev/tty.<whatever> devices show up.
screen can't talk to them.
Plug in ethernet -- no activity light.
User LED0 blinks, user LED1 comes on and stays on.
It appears that it isn't booting... although I can't tell.
Reset button just brings it back to the above conditions.

Is it dead already? Or is the image zorched some how?


Probably doing fsck on the card. Leave it alone for several minutes
and then check back the console.
Blinking USR0 means that the kernel is up and running, USR1 lits up
when there are I/O operations on the card.


Ahhhh.... OK. How long should I expect that to take?

And... um.... if someone had done something like power cycle and reset the board several times while it was in the middle of fsck, will I have scrambled the image? I guess I should just let fsck run and see what I get.....


Should be ok. Just let it finish. It shouldn't take longer than 5-10 minutes.


OK, yes that was it. Just had to wait a few minutes.

I predict a FAQ on the horizon...

Why does the second boot seem to take forever?

Thanks for your help...

I think fsck should be a bit more verbose and print updates every few
seconds even with kernel messages muted. I can see why by default
system is booted with 'quiet' on the kernel command line, but doing
fsck is an exception, the quick boot went south anyway and the user
should be informed about what's going on.