difference between CBC CBB packages


Does anybody know if there is a difference for POP-memory used for CBB
and CBC packages? I mean if I take a memory with the same parameters
but in different package - will it affect the software used for OMAP

The problem is not abstract: I've designed SODIMM module on CBC
package and have absolutely the same memory (in parameters) as used on

Beagle uses: MT29C2G24MAKLAJG-6 IT ES
My module has: MT29C2G24MAKLACG-6 IT
so the only difference is in number of balls and their spacing of course.

Now I'm trying to boot the CPU but have problems with it. TI engineers
ask me to change u-boot configuration in accordance with the memory
installed. So I am trying to find a clue..

The only boot method available is with UART. I can boot x-loader, but
then ukermit stops and nothing happens..

Any help and ideas are appreciated.

Best regards,

From a POP standpoint CBB uses 12x12mm .5mm POP. CBC uses 14x14mm .65mm POP. The memory electrical parameters are the same. After all, they have the exact same silicon on the inside.
Of you memory size is different that what is used on Beagle, then you will need to change the size of the memory, NAND+DDR sizes. Everything else should be the same, assuming that you continue to use the Micron devices as you have indicated.

The EBV Beagle uses the same memory device as the Beagle.


Dear Gerald,

I think my memory has the same size as at Beagle, hasn't it?

The main question: should I change x-loader and u-boot for
MT29C2G24MAKLACG-6 or it can be utilized by a conventional software
for Beagle?

Thank you!

If it is the same size and configuration, you do not need to change anything.



thank you very much for you help!

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