Differences between console and lxde images on the 2015-02-01 Debian testing issues?

I’m relatively new to the BeagleBone, but last night I replaced the image on my BBB with the 2015-02-01 Debian console image. So far everything has been working well, but I wanted to try some examples which use node and bonescript, and I discovered that the console image didn’t have them installed. I can install nodejs with apt-get, but that doesn’t bring along bonescript.

So that has led me to a general question: is there some easy way to find what’s different between the two images? Like a summary of the packages which are part of lxde but not console or something like that?


Well the easy way is run, "dpkg --list" on both..

The console image is cut down to the absolute minimum for "flashing"
the eMMC. That's it, no other customization.