Different pictures on different LED matrices with one BeagleBone Black

Hello ya’ll,

Does anyone know where I can find help with displaying images on multiple LED panels? I don’t want the same image to stretch across all the LED matrices. Is this possible? If not, my thought was to make the animation’s all on one file and just space it out so they are on separate panels. Does this make sense?

Thanks for any help or advice!

  • John

I’m going to use this cape to connect all the LED panels:

What do you mean by LED panels?


LED matrices. I’m using 5 of the 16x32 LED matrix panels from Adafruit.

I’m thinking I’m going to just have to put all the different images/animations into one image/animation file and just space it out so it cascades all the panels and “looks” like it is displaying different things on the different LED matrix panels. I can’t find one example of someone doing this. Maybe I’m the first. hahaha