Difficulty in accessing the GPIO (Mikrobus Beagle Play Board)

Hi Team,
I am not able to access the GPIO of my Mikrobus.
I have followed the step mention in the document.
When I am running the command ----> dmesg | grep mikrobus
[ 2.096254] mikrobus:mikrobus_port_register: registering port mikrobus-0
[ 2.096325] mikrobus mikrobus-0: mikrobus port 0 eeprom empty probing default eeprom

I am not getting result like mentioned in the document.
Also for ls /dev/play command. I am getting only
grove qwiic

I am not getting mikrobus folder. It will create problem?

Please guide me. I am new into linux as well as for the beagle/mikrobus related board.


Please post a link to the doc you are referring too so we can be on the same page as you.

I am referring below link.
But I am not getting expected output as they are following.

Please I need support

What output are you getting?

I just looked at the docs, are you using a Mikrobus board? If so, per the docs it should identify itself and load the correct files.