DirectFB & Angstrom Console Image


I'm in the process of trying to get a game that I've written working on the Beagleboard.
I'm using an Angstrom console image that I have built myself and I've managed to get my graphics engine running on the SGX.
The problem I'm having now is reading the controls.
I've tried using DirectFB to read the keyboard but it doesn't seem to pick up any keyboard events.
I also tried building some of the DirectFB examples but the one I tried quit out giving a 'invalid permissions' error.
Has anyone else tried DirectFB or have any suggestions on an alternative way to read the keyboard or joypads?
I thought of using SDL but the console version sits on top of DirectFB and there is also an issue building it in Bitbake.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I'm running on a Rev C if that has any relevance.

I've used SDL for keyboard input with no problems. I was running the
base image,
and SDL runs on top of FBcon in that image. What issues with Bitbake
were you having?
I have been able to bitbake (most) SDL packages and DirectFB with no

Thanks for the reply.

I was trying to build the libsdl-directfb recipe. I managed to build
directfb OK but the libsdl-directfb failed to build, I think it had
trouble finding the directfb header files.
Is the version you're talking about the libsdl-native recipe? Did you
get it working with the a console-image build of angstrom?


The recipe that gets used is oe/openembedded/recipes/libsdl/libsdl-
I cleaned and built it by issuing a "bitbake libsdl-directfb" command.
I wasn't able
to get it to install on the board through a "ipkg install " command
though (checksum errors).
I just copied the files from the tmp/work/armv7a-angstrom-linux-
directory into the beagle board's file system to get SDL to work with
directfb. Also
set the environment variable SDL_VIDEODRIVER to "directfb". Maybe you
could try
updating the recipes through git, maybe they are out of date.

Thanks for the answer, I've got SDL working now thanks!
The reason why I couldn't build the libsdl-directfb recipe was that I
didn't have the directfb-dev package installed on my host machine. The
bitbake recipe looks in /usr/include on the host for the header files,
this seems a bit wrong to me but installing the headers on the host
When I've ironed out the rest of the problems on my project I think
I'll write something on the wiki about getting SDL & SGX working on
the console image.